Introducing myself

November 25, 2007

Hi everyone,

Here is my 1st blog using WordPress.

I’m already posting on my “official” blog for almost 1 year now. I started using Blogger/Blogspot. This is a blog only in French called Les humeurs de Bluebeetle(one). That’s the main reason why I started another blog in another place to be able to share also with people who don’t understand French.

For several reasons I chose WordPress:

  • I’m becoming a contributor on someone else’s blog (more about this in another post) who is usingWordPress
  • As I’m a former webmaster I’m very curious to discover WordPress possibilities
  • I have some online projects I assume easier to start & maintain with WordPress than Blogger

It means I will also post here some articles from French to English.

Any suggestion is warmly welcome…

See you,